💲Hex One💲

A yield-bearing stablecoin
backed by T-Shares.

1 $HEX1 = $1 worth of Hex


  • Get liquidity without selling your $HEX

  • Earn yield just by holding a stablecoin

  • No chance of liquidation before collateral matures


  • Collateral exclusively backed by $HEX T-Shares

  • Re-Borrow against your profitable positions

  • No admin keys that can compromise the protocol

BONUSHex One Protocol is the first stablecoin
with an embedded incentive token!

Hex One Lifecycle

Hex staking yield comes from a 5% deposit fee when borrowing $HEX1.

Hex One Price Oracle_

To borrow HEX1, the protocol needs to know how much $HEX is worth in dollar-terms. Therefore, Hex One Protocol looks into the following PulseX pools:

  • HEX/DAI v2

Hex One Health Ratio_

Hex One's Health Ratio represents the profit/loss of the collateral's present value.In other words, the Health Ratio measures if $HEX appreciated in dollar value since the day you borrowed $HEX1.

Hex One Peg Stability_

The most critical aspect of a stablecoin is what mechanisms are in place to keep the peg.Below are the two main features that will likely hold $HEX1's peg.

  • Collateral can be liquidated, but only 7 days after the maturity date has elapsed, and independently of the health ratio.

  • Any time the price of $HEX1 goes below $1, it means whoever buys it at a discount can redeem it for $1 worth of Hex. Therefore, a de-peg is a direct discount on Hex tokens.

Hex One Liquidation Auctions_

Once the maturity period is reached depositors must end their stakes and claim their $HEX. If participants don't complete this process their positions can be liquidated by anyone who pays their debt (HEX1) and the endStake fee (ETH).

Hex One Pumpamentals_

These are the sweet pumpamentals we have built in order to increase the probability of the peg not being broken


  • Embedded Incentive Token distributed only to stakers*

  • While $HEX appreciates, borrow more $HEX1 without adding more collateral

  • De-pegs mean a direct discount in the underlying asset, $HEX

Why 🚀?

  • $HEXIT is a way to lock $HEX1 tokens from being sold

  • You can keep reborrowing against any position with a Health Ratio > 100%

  • 1 $HEX1 = $1 worth of $HEX. Therefore, a de-peg means cheap HEX

*LP Providers enjoy greater Staking APRs

Hex One Ecosytem Tokens_


Stablecoin backed by T-Shares


Hex One Protocol Incentive Token

Hex One Bootstrap_

Our goal is that $HEX1 becomes the most stable and non-volatile stablecoin in the cryptocurrency space.Bootstrapping means your sacrifice goes directly into the Hex One Protocol, in its totality.

By participating the in bootstrap phase, you will get:

  • $HEX1

  • $HEXIT

The sooner you join, the more $HEXIT you earn.

1Click the Bootstrap button
2Choose an amount and token to renounce
3Approve the contract and the send transaction

Bootstrapp Token Bonus_

We don't value all tokens and participants equally 😉

Therefore, we give an extra bonus to those who sacrifice early & top-tier tokens, like HEX.











Hex One Airdrop_

Last but not least, there is of course an airdrop to celebrate the successful launch of the most badass stablecoin ever built.

To be eligible to receive free $HEXIT, Hex One Protocol's Incentive Token, make sure you do one of the following:

Stake $HEXHodl $HEXIT
Own T-Shares at launchParticipate in the Bootstrapp Sacrifice

Hex One Bootstrap participants can claim 9x more than Hex stakers